The Best Recruiting Service For Finding Your Perfect-Fit School

Have you ever wondered how to get in contact with a college coach at the school of your choice? What if there was a service that allowed for you to simply select your sport and state, and then it gave you a list of college coaches with their contact information? That would be a pretty awesome recruiting tool right? ⛏

Well we recently learned about Iconnect2colleges and and we are here to tell you that it does exactly that! Any student-athlete can 1) log in and select their sport and state then 2) instantly receive access to a database of college coaches of whom they can directly contact. Coaches emails…..That’s right…you can pull up any college coach, and send them your highlights right there on the spot…and wait gleefully for a response. 😵

With over 25,000 college coaches in their database, including DI-III, NAIA, and Junior College, you are bound to find the right college coach for you. So let’s say that you are a football player that wants to leave your home in California, but you want to be close to your extended family in Georgia - you can use Iconnect2colleges to find and contact all of your target colleges in Georgia. It’s so convenient! 👌

This platform is a game-changer because it makes it so easy to get in contact with the people that can help you. Before you would have to wait until a college coach contacted you, but now with Iconnect2colleges you can be proactive and send your highlights to the school of your choice. 💯

Student-athletes will also have the ability to create a profile to show the college coaches their highlights and statistics. This also includes the student-athletes grade point average and SAT scores, so study up! 📝