Pilsner       5% ABV     16oz             $5.50

It’s a pilsner!


Hangin wit the homies     

5.5%ABV    16oz   $5.50

A unique twist on a classic wit.  Brewed with bitter and sweet orange peel, seeds of paradise and coriander and an addition of lemon drop hops


Gatsby Tripel  9.8%abv   12oz     $7.50

Our 2020 Tripel we brewed for the New Year. A Traditional Belgian Tripel with Belgian candy sugar and coriander. Gives this high gravity beer a sweet mellow finish.


Skull Cutter   7%ABV      16oz       $6.50

Skull Cutter is a semi-sweet scotch ale with slight notes of chocolate and coffee with a skosh of smoke.


Pink Kitty      5.8%ABV    16oz     $5.50

Very pink, very floral, very crisped & light bodied.  The color - eye catching, The aroma - aromatic.  With just a hint of tartness accentuated by the hibiscus.


Cuddy’s Irish Red   

5.6%ABV  16 oz   $5.50

“Rich in Tradition” with incredibly smooth malt body complimented by caramel and biscuit tones. Perfectly balanced and full flavored, deep ruby color, sessionable character and a dry crisp finish.d a dry crisp finish.


Back The Blue 5.6%ABV  16oz  $5.50

Released during our Officer Sheldon day, this blueberry blonde ale quickly turned into a favorite. In honor of Officer Sheldon $1 of every beer sold goes to the Mitchell Community College Officer Jordan Sheldon Memorial Scholarship


Harrow Farmhouse Ale  

4.3%abv 12oz  $6.50

A farmhouse ale fruited with a blend of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, perfectly balanced with the addition of a slight tartness from our house farmhouse yeast mix


Delightful hugs  4.6%ABV 120z  $6.50

A traditional farmhouse ale well balanced using our in house yeast.


Summer Buzz Honey Lager

5.9%ABV 16oz $5.50

An American wheat lager made with Orange Blossom Honey


Blackberry Wheat  5.6%ABV 16oz  $5.50        

Cloudy American wheat with slight hoppiness and blackberry flavor!



4.3%ABV      16oz              $5.50

A Key Lime Blonde ale brewed in collaboration with Mako Beach Volleyball Club


Strawberry Ale  4.3%ABV 16oz $5.50

Lite and refreshing blonde ale with a hint of strawberry



Banshee  7%ABV  16oz  $6.50

Named after the Cinemax Show filmed here in Mooresville. Strong grapefruit and subdued orange are exhibited in the nose but caramel scents are still present. The flavor is hop-forward but a nice grain profile balances out the beer and is not completely overpowered.


Black Wheat IPA  

7.3%ABV      16OZ             $6.50

Dark slightly roasty, toasty and delicious IPA


Hazy Susan DIPA     

8.3%ABV     12oz            $8.50

Named after "THE BOSS," this double dry-hopped, double New England IPA packs citrus goodness throughout.  Though it might not taste like a double IPA, you don't want to mess with her she packs a punch!


#ALLhopsmatter 7.3%ABV  16oz $6.50

This recipe uses five different juicy hops to leave a citrusy refreshing and clean finish to the rye spice.  The kind of beer hop heads can still enjoy in the smoldering heat of NC during spring & Summer.


Durty Gurl NE IPA       

7%ABV      16oz        $6.50

This unfiltered NE style IPA is a dirty girl as the name states. Huge amounts of glacier and lemondrop hops gives her a big lemon and pear juice flavor. Great IPA for a hot summer day


English Pub Ale (nitro)   

5.4%ABV   16oz  $5.50

Smooth creamy example of a British pale ale. Sweet, malty character balanced with floral hopiness, & bittering hops on the finish.



6.4%ABV        16oz      $5.50

A citrus pale ale brewed with orange peel & coriander and loaded with cascade hops for a hint of grapefruit



8%ABV      12OZ       $7.50

Double IPA with a slight sweetness a load of bitterness and a tidal wave of flavor of citrus, tropical & passion fruit



WHYO’s Irish Crème Coffee 

6%ABV  160z.    $5.50

Named for an Irish street gang in the late 1800's this Irish Coffee stout is ganging with flavor.  Aged in an Irish coffee barrel for one week this rich complex stout will have you searching for your pot of gold.


CIDERS         12oz.           $6.50

Seattle semi-Sweet   6.5%abv  

A light, crisp cider with just a touch of sweetness. Honey in color with notes of bergamot, lemon and apple hints of citrus and cinnamon on the palate.


Ghostface Pineapple Cider 5%ABV

Pineapple sweetness with a hint of tart. An ideal drink for tropical hot and humid climates, Like Now!


Ghostface Pear Cider 5%ABV

Our best selling cider, a sweet pear throughout with a tiny bit of tartness from the apples.