A Happy and Blessed New Year to all.  All we have heard from the liberal news is follow the science, and depending on who you listen to the science just doesn't prove destroying freedom to achieve whatever is going on. I ask you to join Christians world wide in praying for light that we may see the real purpose in this world wide battle. I will continue to preach the Gospel and prepare Christians to stand against all the fiery darts of the wicked one. Faith will be shouted loudly and victory will be proclaimed for the Church of the Living God. Rally with us as we will continue safe church gatherings along with Internet services for those choosing to worship in this manner. We love you all and hope to be able to provide the ministry you need.

Today we begin out through the Bible reading for 2021 with the Book of Beginnings, Genesis 1 and 2, and the New Testament beginning, Matthew 1. Read the love letter from our God with the care of a hungry soul searching for food. 

Pray for those on the prayer list and pray one for another.

God is good,