Thanks to all that prayed for our fellowship meeting yesterday. I was well pleased in the present situation to have had the number in attendance. A good first meeting of the New Year and great help from the ladies in taking care of the number. Thanks to all. Brother Jesse is to have a catherization on Friday so please keep him in your prayers.

Today we are to read Genesis chapters 25 and 26 along with Matthew 13.

Chapter 25 opens with Abraham, after the death of Sarah and the marriage of Isaac, taking a wife, Keturah. Abraham would have six sons by Keturah. In chapter 25 we also have the birth of Isaac's sons, Esau and Jacob. In chapter 26 we find Isaac passing his wife off as his sister just as Abraham had done. It is a sad day when God's people act in fear instead of faith. So much trouble could be avoided if only we could trust God more than we fear man. Chapter 13 of Matthew introduces us to the parables of the kingdom. These are important to the Christian and need to be understood.

Pray one for another