Today is a day for every Christian to call upon the Lord in intercessory prayer for our America. We are about to go in uncharted waters and we can only pray the way will not be a shipwreck. Oh God, forgive us our sins and by your grace allow us to remain a free people. Preserve our Republic and steer us in the way of righteousness. May our children have the opportunities and joys we have known and save us from the slavery of slothfulness. Freedom to serve you is our cry and righteousness that we may walk in the way of your blessings and not your wrath. We commit our lives to you and by faith pray for your Will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

Today we read Genesis 39 and 40 and Matthew 20. Chapter 39 the young man Joseph has been sold into slavery and taken from everything he has known and the security of home. God is watching over His beloved boy and will deliver him to greater privileges as Joseph's character shines forth. Remember verse 2 and verse 21 and know that as God was with Joseph He is also with us today. Walk in faith. Chapter 40 the hand of the Lord is ever with Joseph and even greater things are planned for the once envied boy of his brethren. Joseph guided to interpret dreams which will known by the King of Egypt. Always remember the plans of God for you are greater than you can ever imagine. Walk not in your imaginations but walk obediently with your God.

Matthew 20 the great text of the working for the Master. Plenty of work just surrender to the Master and the wages of salvation shall be given out. If a man call upon the Lord in his last hour shall he receive the gift of salvation?  Yes! but remember though the life of service to God at youth may be longer the joy of being with God is also longer. Which is more 10 plus 60 or 60 plus 10. Though the total is the same would you agree the life given to Jesus at 10 and lived for 60 years faithfully would certainly be the way to face the Master. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Pray one for another, and pray for Johnny Shepard, Morgan and Hannah and for Mike Lucas. The Bible is our road map and prayer is our sure hope.