With the rain continuing to be in the forecast many places are completely water logged. Last week they were forecasting snow this Friday and I was excited and last night I noticed a change with more rain in the picture. It's probably not a record but I am sure glad I have a good roof and I hope you do also.

Please excuse the mix up yesterday but my Juno account would not let me on and I had to send the daily walk by my phone. That's pretty hard at 3 in the morning. I hope you figured out it was Exodus 40 and not Isaiah 40. Today we read in the Old Testament the Book of Leviticus chapters 3-5 and in the New Testament Mark 12. Please notice that in the offerings of an animal the person places his hands upon the head of the animal to recognize this is his offering that he is touching. It is the recognition of his personal sin that the offering is being made for. Jesus died for our sins and not just for the sins of the whole world. I recognize my own sin in the sacrifice. A peace offering is in chapter 3 and the sin of ignorance offering in chapter 4. Even when I did not think it was sin I still was required to make a sacrifice for sins committed in ignorance. Even in our Holy Things sin can be mixed and so before Jesus died for all our sins there was five offerings given for the sins of God's people in the Old Testament. How can an unholy people worship a Holy God ? Sin has to be resolved and so sacrifice was the way to cover the sin. Chapter 5 gives the sin offering as a way of forgiveness. The root of the Hebrew name for sin was hattat, which means to miss the mark. Oh God forgive us for our missing the mark of righteousness.

Mark chapter 12 the sacrifices were still being made for sin. In the parable of the man that planted a vineyard and put others in charge we notice they killed the son of the man that planted the vineyard and had sent to see how they had taken care of his vineyard. It is of course God who planted and Israel is the keeper and the Son is Jesus. Look closely at verse 10. One of my favorite stories is the story of the widow's mite found in verses 42-44. In this story we are reminded that from verses 38-40 there is greater  and lesser sins. We also see the heart always makes the sin greater and the heart can make the offering bigger. She gave more than them all, while the sins of the Scribes would be rewarded with greater condemnation. My take on this, to whom much is given, much is required . I cannot do what some can do but I should do the best I can do. Should we not all give ourselves first to the Lord? No one can give me to the Lord but I can do that which no one else can do in giving Him myself. "All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give. I will ever love and trust Him, in His presence daily live. I surrender all."

Pray one for another