Last fall in the Shar-a-thon we raised money for the broadcasting of the Gospel in Myanmar. In our letter from there today we learned that after the military take over in the country things have gotten really bad. All stores are closed people are in their homes with little to live on. Covid is raging and the children's homes are in their last days of rationing. Please pray for these dear people who have so little and even this has been taken away. Our world is suffering and who can tell if it will get any better soon. There is obviously a world plan looming that may mean the end of what we have known and enjoyed. May God have mercy on us all and may repentance be heard world wide. God is our only hope.

Today we read Numbers 22-24 and Luke 11. In chapter 22 Balak seeks Balaam who loved money to do his bidding. In this chapter we see a donkey speaking and giving out a word to Balaam .Chapter 23 Balaam has a meeting with God and realizes that God will not curse Israel. Chapter 24 Balaam sees the future glory of Israel and the coming of the Messiah. Balaam wanted to serve two masters. Greed lined his pockets. He wanted to be friends with everyone and not take a stand.

Luke 11, Jesus gives the model prayer to His disciples. A great prayer promise is given in verses 9 and 10. In this chapter we learn that reformation is not the key but salvation that brings the Holy Spirit to fill the life. Jesus pronounces woe upon the holders of religion that is all flesh.

Pray one for another and remember prayer meeting is tonight.