They started bricking the new building yesterday and hopefully will be able to get more brick work today. Pray for the rain to hold off until later in the day.

Our reading for today comes from the Book of Numbers chapters 28-30 and the Gospel of Luke chapter 13. God chose Joshua to be the successor of Moses and outside of Moses and possibly Caleb he was the oldest man in Israel. Joshua was in his mid eighties to low nineties. He had been a slave in Egypt and became a soldier and a faithful spy. Chapters 28 and 29 pertain unto the last two offerings of the Hebrew year and with each there was to be a sin offering made as well.  Chapter 30 deals with a vow with specific details of a woman's vow. The vow of a woman could be broken by her father and if she was married by her husband.

Luke 13 begins with the parable of the fig tree. A dear lady with a spirit of infirmity that had lasted 18 years and is now completely bowed over is healed by Jesus on the sabbath day and was attacked by the ruler of the synagogue. The great verse found in this chapter to be memorized is verse 34,  Jesus speaks of the opportunity of the people of Jerusalem and how they had rejected Him. Continue to pray for Sister Ann Watts .

Pray one for another