Today is March 8 and ladies I remind you of the Peacemakers meeting tomorrow night at 6:30. Sister Janie is our President this year and along with all the ladies she is trying to have a meaningful and enjoyable ministry for all of you to participate in. I hope you will be able to attend and give a hand.

Our Bible reading brings us to Deuteronomy 22-24 and also Luke 23. You probably realize that 4 of the ten commandments are towards God and the other 6 are about living with mankind. With this being said you will not be surprised in chapter 22 that we cover how to live with others. "Others, Lord yes others, let this our motto be". Chapter 23 gives laws concerning separation from those that have been detrimental to the people of Israel. Chapter 24 gives Holy actions in a world that was anything other than holy. His people were to be an example of right living and not continue in the way of the neighboring peoples. It is simple to live like the world but exemplary to come out from among them and be holy to the Lord.

Luke 23, Jesus on trial and His crucifixion of Calvary. The only place in Scripture the word Calvary is mentioned is verse 33 of this chapter.

Pray one for another