What a great opening today. Today is National Get Over It Day, that's right National Get Over It Day. This is such a problem in this country we have a day to remind us that we just need to decide to get over it. Can you imagine letting something that can be gotten over just fester and effect so many lives? I once knew of a family that mom and dad got something in their craw and drew a line down the middle of the house and did not talk to each other for 20 years. Do you have any idea the effect on the children in that house as well as two people who once loved each other not talking for 20 years? I knew of a 2000 square ft. house that was nearly finished and because of not being able to agree on a front door they never finished the home. Standing by the road as a monument of how silly people can be we all drove by and commented on how easy it could be to finish this lovely brick house and make it into a home for their children. Just get over it!

Today we read Deuteronomy 25-27 and Luke 24. Chapter 25 covers several items but it is clear they all have to do with treating your brother as you would like to be treated. From a controversy between two men and then honoring your blood brother by having his name remembered. The subject of having correct measurements to not cheat your neighbors and people that you do business with. Remember the old days when a bushel was rounded over and just level at the top. Chapter 26 discusses the right way to give and the joy of giving. Thankfulness to the Lord is to be manifest because we understand His blessings to us. Chapter 27 the command to keep the commandments given by God and to put them on a monument for all to see that passed by.  Curses are also pronounced upon those that break the commandments that are given to allow peaceable living with one another.

Luke 24 allows us this morning to pause for a minute and remember that our Lord is not in the grave but has risen into Heaven. He lives!

Pray one for another.