The next thing on our calendar will be Pentecost Sunday which you have read about in the Book of Acts. 50 days will proceed from Passover to Pentecost. Our reading today will be from I Samuel 17 and 18 and Acts 5. In I Samuel 17 David will go down to visit his brothers in Saul's Army and will hear the challenge of Goliath. As you know David will respond to the fears of Saul and the Army in verse 29. David wins the battle with the blessing of God and as you know in chapter 18 will create a stir as the people sing the praises of David more than Saul.

Acts 5 is about Ananias and Sapphira and the wrath of God that brought cleansing to the church. Is it ever right to go against governing authorities? Look at Peter and the Apostles answer to the council and the High Priest in verse 29. When mans law would have us disobey God's law then we have an imperative to obey God first. Of course we realize the governing bodies can punish us but still we must serve God. In many countries it is unlawful to preach Jesus and we have Brothers and Sisters that are today in prison for the cause of Christ. The cost in the past for printing the Word of God in our language was a great one. Estimated millions died so we could have a Bible in English. Do not give it up to those that for profit must change it so they can copyright their work.

Pray one for another