If you have not been praying for Myanmar please put these people on your prayer list. Since the military take over hundreds of people have been killed as well as the general population being without many necessities. Our missionaries and their ministries are suffering as well.

Today we read 2nd Samuel 1and 2 and Acts12. In the first chapter we have another account of the death of Saul and how David deals with the Amalekite.  In chapter 2 we have the conflict that occurs between Abner and David.

In chapter 12 we have the arrest of Peter and the miraculous release of Peter. You might ask Rhoda if Christians pray and yet do not believe the prayer will be answered. Herod is killed by God before the people causing the Gospel to go forth.

Pray one for another and especially for Brother Jeff this whole week. He will have more testing and we pray for the cause of his sickness to be revealed.