I am so thankful for the men that have filled the pulpit at Peace during this time. As I write this I must say I have never been more thankful to be a child of God than I am right now. I am not trying to say I am a good Christian or near perfection but I do declare that our God is everything I have told you He is and more. I do not preach because I am an Elijah or a Paul but because inside of me there is a desire to shout from the roof-top the Glory of God. At this moment I stand where I have stood with many of you. I always told and believed that it is not over until God states it's over. I have prayed with you and at times without you I have asked the question you were thinking, why did you not answer our prayer? My baby sister, my only sister was told she has cancer. I did not believe it and I prayed and now I am praying for God to heal. I believe but if He does not do so I will still believe in Prayer for He has answered some prayers. I will keep pointing people to Jesus for I know what He has done for all that would put their trust in Him. I will keep preaching on Heaven for I know that He that liveth and believeth on Jesus shall never die for whether here or there we live. When I pray with you I believe that I shall get what I ask for but remember I always close with Thy Will be done. I do not understand that God gave His Only Begotten Son for me, for I  know not His omniscient thoughts. I am a man and I see as a man and I understand as a man but He maketh no mistakes. Pray with me for healing of the sick and expect a miracle, learn as I am learning that the road people travel is not their road but ours as we hold each others hands and walk along. Oh God, may we learn to not forsake our God nor our calling to be a loving, caring friend, not just in word but in deed also. This is a hard place but O God, may I remember it is harder for my friend. I refuse to stand on the sidelines but I am with you in the fight. God give us strength. I sang this morning I would not be denied and tears choked my singing. I now sing What, tho' the way be lonely, and dark the shadows fall; I know where'er it leadeth, My Father planned it all..

Read Today Isaiah 40: 27-31.

Acts 26 Paul gives His testimony of what Jesus did for Him and how even he came to believe and be saved. Remember Heaven is a free gift through Jesus Christ.

Pray for Jeff this morning, my niece Jill and my grandson Chance's wife Morgan who is to be induced today.