Good morning and today begins the Memorial Day weekend. A weekend that we remember the fallen brave that paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could all live free in this great United States of America. We will talk more of this throughout the weekend and I hope you spend some time in solitude to think of those that gave all. 

We read today in the tenth and eleventh chapters of I Chronicles and in the ninth chapter of I Corinthians. The fall of Saul and the rise of David. In chapter 11 a list of brave and mighty men of God that were with David. David never forgot from where his strength came and gave God all the praise and was, although not perfect, a faithful servant of God. 

Paul also a faithful and brave servant of Jesus Christ sought only to glorify His master and was ever mindful of the pride and hypocrisy of man. His desire was not to be the head of a church but to win souls for Christ for there did his glory lie.

Today our reading is fitting for the weekend for we see sacrifice. Some to a good end but for one not. May we all be mindful of the sacrifice that God made when He sent His Son and the sacrifice of the Son, Jesus Christ our Saviour, so that we who believe might have eternity in Heaven. 

Thank you Lord for saving my soul,

Thank you Lord for making me whole.

Thank you Lord for giving to me,

Thy great Salvation so rich and free. Amen.

Many are healing and many are still sick while others are struggling so please remember to

Pray one for another