Good morning. It is National Fried Chicken Day and that is a day to celebrate. 

Today we are reading the last chapter, 13, of Nehemiah and the first chapter of the book of Esther. In the New Testament we read Colossians chapter 3. 

Nehemiah prays for God to remember him for the good he has done twice, once he prays to be spared by the mercy of God and once he prays for God to remember the evil that was done to the priesthood. What a man of God was this Nehemiah that never backed down from what was right and what was written in the law. The people saw the man and heard the law and turned back to God. One man, with God, did make a difference.

In the first chapter of Esther king Ahasuerus has a feast and is king over many so there is great attendance at the feast. The merriment causes the king to call for his wife, Vashti, to come before the feast to show herself. She refuses and is exiled to save the king's honor. And so begins the story of Esther, a Jewish girl who is placed for a purpose to glorify God. One girl, with God.

In Colossians Paul instructs the church on living on earth but looking to Heaven. This is also where the verse for WGHW, our radio station, is found in verse 16. Each Christian is directed to work heartily for the Lord Jesus Christ, wherein lies our inheritance, eternal life in the presence of our Lord. And he ends the chapter with a promise to those who do wrong. 

My God and I. No greater power has ever been bestowed to humanity. No force can prevail against it. 

Pray one for another