Today marks the end of the war with Japan in 1945. National VJ Day. I would not be born for three years but my generation grew up with talk of the attack at Pearl Harbor. It was our Fathers that had fought in World War II and we were privileged to be around the men that fought on two fronts at the same time. Germany and Japan had sights on being dominate world powers when the Americans entered the war. This group  of men have been called by some the greatest generation . I am sorry for the condition of America today for there was a day when to be an American was a proud distinction. When you look at the way people are trying to get into this country you might believe except for some that live in America it still is. I love America and we are a melting pot of all the worlds peoples. Pray we learn to work and live together.

Today we read Psalms 37-39 and James 3. Breaking with the normal giving of thoughts from each chapter we read on a given day I speak of James 3. I do not believe you will find more wisdom of Christian living than in this chapter. We have heard and possibly seen the evidence of the power of the tongue. Demeaning words destroy and maim.  Read the chapter carefully and apply the truths of the Christian life . "Behold,  how great a matter a little fire kindleth."

Pray that our living will be as our profession of faith.