Good morning, since we all forget do you know when President Lincoln was born and President Washington? Today we read Numbers 33-36. Chapter 33 lists the itinerary of Israel's journeys from Egypt and the 40 years. God provided for His people during this entire time and I believe He still provides for us today. Chapter 34 lists that Reuben and Gad had a choice that was not God's best for them. Chapter 35 cities of refuge are established. Chapter 36 speaks of the law of heirs which came from Zelophehad  being survived by five daughters and the protection of their inheritance within the tribe of Manasseh. It would normally have taken from 10 days to two weeks to make the journey that took Israel 40 years. During this time God made an unorganized group of slaves into an army of free men.  Hardened by the furnace of affliction they were ready to enter the promised land.

Pray one for another