This is a two in one app designed for TW Radio and NEC Radio.

The two stations represent two different generations; the old-school and the new-school. 

TW Radio is a contemporary radio with songs and programmes for pre and post Millennials and beyond.

On the other hand, NEC Radio is a vintage radio designed for Baby boomers and the generations after them.

With the best of radio Presenters and good customer services, alongside our well trained personals, the sister companies (NEC Radio and TW Radio) broadcast live from our Abuja studios, to the rest of the world. 

Be a part of our diverse world of music and Programmes as we guarantee you of uninterrupted 24hrs broadcast on the two stations. 

We have listeners from all parts of the world and encourage you to rate our app and share with family and friends.

For Programme sponsorships, advert placements and other businesses, please write to

Thanks for being part of our great world of vast entertainment.

TW Radio; Radio like never before!

NEC Radio; it's all about the Classics!