What Does TPL Stand For?

The Pi Lifestyle

How Can I Join The TPL Economy?

There are three different ways to join TPL’s economy:

* You can set up a Pi Shop in TPL and offer goods or services to other Pioneers in exchange for Pi.

* You can pay 10 Pi for the first month then 5 Pi/month for every recurring month.

* You can pay $5/month on TPL’s membership page of our official website.

Can I Cancel My Subscription To The TPL Economy?

Yes, that option is always available. However, once a charge has been made after your approval, your subscription will continue for its duration. No further recurring charges will be made and you will be removed from TPL’s economy.

In the event, you wish to return. The option for 10 Pi for the first month will be required before every recurring month is at a cost of 5 Pi/month.

How Do I Transfer Pi?

At this time you cannot transfer any Pi to any Pioneer unless you are a KYC/IAT Pioneer.

There are only 250-300 Pioneers who have been offered this ability by The Pi Core Team back in December 2019 and January 2020.

Everyone else does not have the ability to transfer Pi from their Pi account to another Pioneer’s Pi account. A Pi Backer is automatically designated to you when you join the TPL economy to back your purchases you make at no interest until Phase 3.

What is a Pi Backer?

A Pi Backer is a term used in TPL to define a KYC/IAT Pioneer that has taken a great risk to trust many Pioneers with their Pi in order to create utility for Pi in Phase 2 to help create as well as develop an economy for Pi for all Pioneers.

Will I have to pay the Pi back?

Yes, you are obligated to return only the Pi you have used for your purchases in this platform in Phase 3 at no interest once you are able to transfer Pi from your Pi account. Those who do not pay will be placed on a BLACKLIST and it will be shared with every community and Pi economy in the world to show who cannot be trusted by anyone to protect other Pioneers.

How Does The Pi Lifestyle Economy Work?

The Pi Lifestyle economy is a worldwide platform where goods and services are exchanged for Pi at an economic value of $100/Pi by Pioneers from around the world.

It is in the best interest of the Pi economy for each of us to offer what is of value to someone else in exchange for their Pi. This creates acceptance as well as utility for Pi at the same time. As more of us are willing to do this for one another, the power of Pi will only grow over time. Pioneers accept Pi and use Pi as the form of payment on this platform.

Can I Exchange My Pi For Money?


It is forbidden to exchange Pi for any type of fiat currency or cryptocurrency at this time until Phase 3. Still, TPL is not a cryptoexchange and we will not allow that to take place on our platform even in Phase 3. In this platform, Pi is the money and it is used directly for the purchase of goods and services.

How Do I Participate In The Pi Auctions?

The Pi Lifestyle holds an auction for the TPL platform for all its users at no cost to join and it holds a separate auction for those who have subscribed for a Premium or Elite subscription.

The auction subscriptions can only be purchased with fiat currency at this time. The auction subscriptions are optional, but the most highly sought items will be offered here first by TPL.

If interested, you can purchase an auction subscription on our membership page of our official website.

What is YOTI and is it required to join TPL?

Yoti is a third party app that is used for identity verification for KYC also known as Know Your Customer. It will be required by Pi Network in order for any Pioneer to access the Pi in their Pi account. It is not required in TPL as every real Pioneer will be offered KYC and pass it prior to Phase 3.

How Do I Get Items Purchased For Me?

The best way to get items in The Pi Lifestyle economy is to offer value to other Pioneers first before you request to purchase from another Pioneer or a Pioneer’s Pi shop. This is a community driven economy and every Pioneer before you has helped to build it into what it is today. TPL is at the frontline in leading Pi’s utility for all Pioneers today and for all the Pioneers to come. However, it cannot be achieved without every Pioneer helping to build the value that is offered within this economy for every other Pioneer.

Will The Valuation Of $100/Pi As An Economic Value Change If Pi Is Listed With Less Than Or More Than $100/Pi On Cryptoexchanges?

No, the economic value of Pi in TPL is at $100/Pi for many reasons. It was unanimously voted upon in the beginning in order for every Pioneer in the world to see value in the Pi they hold. For every Pioneer today and for every Pioneer to come. As well as for every halving that will take place. Pi’s economic value in TPL is independent of its speculated value on cryptoexchanges.

I Have Completed The Pi Trivia In The TPL App. How Long Will It Take For The Pi To Be Credited To My Account?

Allow up to 72 hours. Its typically credited within 48 hours if you answered every question correctly for the Pi Trivia. The reward varies based on how many Pioneers have answered that specific Pi Trivia correctly. If you receive more Pi it is because less Pioneers have answered it correctly. If you receive less Pi it is because more Pioneers have answered it correctly.

Is This Economy An Initiative By The Pi Core Team?

No, this platform was built by many Pioneers like yourself that have a deep passion to see Pi succeed worldwide. TPL’s growth and success is attributed to every Pioneer that has helped it become what it is today.

Will TPL Become A DAPP In The Pi Network App?

No. Because Pi Network is developing a decentralized cryptocurrency. In order to achieve that Vision of Pi, TPL must remain outside the Pi Network app in order to establish Pi as a decentralized cryptocurrency. As it is being developed in this community to be used as currency for goods and services globally.

Is TPL Affiliated With Pi Network?

No, we are a third party innovating the use of Pi to help it succeed as a global cryptocurrency for all Pioneers worldwide.

Do You Provide Trial Access To The Pi Lifestyle Economy?

No, we do not offer that. However, a subscription to The Pi Lifestyle economy can be requested to be canceled at any time.

How Do I Increase My Trust Level?

By completing Pi transactions as a buyer or seller on the TPL platform.

What Is A TPL Trust Score?

It is like a credit score, but instead of determining how well you manage debt it determines how much you can be trusted based on your past history in The Pi Lifestyle platform.

What factors impact my TPL Trust Score?

The amount of different Pioneers you have completed Pi transactions with, your numerical rank in the TPL platform, how many Pi transactions you’ve completed as a buyer, how many Pi transactions you’ve completed as a seller, how many complaints we’ve received about you from other Pioneers, and how many total Pi transactions you’ve completed in TPL’s platform. Each of these are weighted differently to calculate a Pioneer’s TPL Trust Score.

How Do I Receive My TPL Trust Score?

Once you are a Pioneer within TPL’s economy, you can request for your TPL Trust Score from NSKolazar at no cost once every 3 months. You can request for it more frequently but it will cost 0.1 Pi for every request. Pioneers that are not a part of the TPL economy do not have a TPL Trust Score.

Are Items That Are In Items Purchased With Pi For Sale?

No, these are items that have already been purchased with Pi by Pioneers in TPL’s economy. These are the examples of real use cases for Pi. It is there to show the world what has been possible with Pi.

What Services Are Offered By TPL Economy Members That May Be Purchased With Pi?

In the discord there is a channel #services4pi and some Pi shops also offer services that be purchased with Pi.

How Can I Set Up My Pi Shop To Offer Goods Or Services In Exchange For Pi?

If interested, contact a TPL Founder and one of them will assist you with your Pi shop. Please have your business name and business email for inquiries ready.

Is There Really A Physical Pi Store Which Offers Items For Sale For Pi?

Yes, TPL offers items for sale in exchange for Pi in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. This was the first of many out there today.

Can I Purchase Pi Here?

No, Pi is only used as a currency on this platform.

Can I Sell My Pi Here?

No, TPL is not a cryptoexchange. Pi is only used as a currency on this platform.

Why Does The TPL App Look Weird, It’s Not Loading?

Logout of the TPL app, then log back in and everything should restore back to normal.

Who Are The Founders Of The Pi Lifestyle?

TheCryptoLegend, cspratt15139, Cameronjames06 and RisingPhoenix. NSKolazar is TPL’s Lead Moderator. We also have TPL Moderators and TPL Promoters.

Why Does The Pi Lifestyle App Have Ads?

The TPL app is FREE and can be downloaded off the iOS App Store or Google Playstore. In order to offer it for free to the rest of the world we must have ads to help finance, operate, manage and develop the app. It will always be in development as we continue to innovate the utility of Pi for all Pioneers.

I Submitted The Membership For Pi Form, Now What?

Allow up to 24 hours for your request to be reviewed, when it is approved your discord username will be color green and you will be granted access to The Pi Lifestyle economy. You will also be able to see many more discord channels within the server that are now available to you.

Who Do I Contact If I Engage In A Pi Transaction But Do Not Have A Pi Shop Where I Offer Goods?

Contact Pioneer NSKolazar, and he will verify the Pi transaction to ensure you receive the Pi as the seller from an IAT Pi Backer.

Who Are The Pi Lifestyle Moderators?

These are Pioneers that understand The Pi Lifestyle and its Vision. They have taken the time to help educate and build the community of Pioneers that desire to use Pi and accept Pi as the medium of exchange in this economy. They can help direct you and assist you with questions you may have about all the features The Pi Lifestyle offers Pioneers. Their usernames are colored neon green.

When Was The Pi Lifestyle Founded? March 26, 2020.

How Do I Purchase Goods or Services With Pi? A Pi Backer makes the payment for your purchases at zero interest. You will need to pay what you have used up to Phase 3 after you have passed KYC. If you do not want to be recording all your Pi transactions, we offer a Pi Service at TPL to provide this for you at 0.25 Pi/month.

When Is Phase 3?

The Pi Core Team stated Phase 3 also known as Mainnet the Final Phase of Pi is set to launch at the end of 2021.

If I Want To Cancel My Membership Who Do I Notify?

There is a specific form to submit your request for cancellation. You can submit it here from Membership Cancellation Form.

How Can I Earn More Pi?

If You Become A TPL Moderator You Can Earn Pi Weekly. If You Are A TPL Promoter You Can Also Earn Pi. We Also Have The Pi Trivia, The Pi Hunt, Pi App Games, and Pi App Puzzles. These are several other ways at this time that you can earn Pi outside of The Pi Network app.

How Do I Become A TPL Moderator?

By helping to contribute to the community in assisting other Pioneers with their questions, redirecting them to the proper resources, helping them understand the concept of Pi and its Vision, and being very active in engaging with many Pioneers. Weekly nominations are given to the founders of TPL of such Pioneers.

How Do I Become A TPL Promoter?

Pioneer Andrew744 is the Lead TPL Promoter and he includes Pioneers within the economy that have an interest for this position. He will then inform you of what is required.

Are Goods and Services Being Offered Here?

Yes, as TPL was built to show the world what is possible with Pi. As a standard member you will not be able to see the economy that is within the same discord you are a part of until you are either an economy member, premium member or elite member.

How Do I Pay For My Membership With Pi?

In The Pi Lifestyle app there is a drop down menu to the top left of the app. At the bottom is a tab that states Membership for Pi. Submit this form and sign it.